This is a introduction.

What Cheer!

Plays with Fire will be focused on hearths and cooking and how the food gets to the cooking hearths and what it meant to people in the past, and what meaning of those past food have for us now…..how to’s, why not’s, way cools and WHAT were they thinking?????

Actual hearths tell a story – or part of one….
Archeology tells part of the story
This one is in Holland
Cookbooks tell part of the foodways story

I’d like this to be a place to bring the various bits – the history, the extant, the archeological, the art, the cookbooks and the commonplace books to a common table, to figure out a little better the picture puzzle of the past.

LeNain – French , 17th century
wi5  George Caleb Bingham (American genre painter, 1811-1879)  Family Life on the Frontier
George Caleb Bingham American, 1811-1879

As they say at the end of so many medieval and early modern recipes

Serve It Forth

as if you’d get that far and forget why you were cooking in the first place….

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